This makes it clever

That much information, sometimes you can’t make sense of it. My 9292 knows exactly which travel tips are useful to you. And they show up when you need them.

Create your own locations

The house of your aunt, the local pub, the office: My 9292 is yours. So you decide which places show in your planner.

Plan at home, use on the go

View the trip you planned at home on via your mobile device to follow the progress of your trip.

Planning from door to door

Public transport often doesn’t take you to your exact destination. With handy walking routes in our travel advice and the possibility to follow your journey step by step, from door to door.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected frequently asked questions. See if your question is in the list. Let us know if you could not find certain information?

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9292 uses your personal data to generate the My 9292 account, in order to give you personalized travel information. Your data will not be used for commercial actions and will not be disclosed to third parties. We might ask you to take part in an evaluation of our travel advice.

In the new 9292 app there is no connection with the current My9292 functionality on the website. Adding frequently used locations and routes has been made available for everyone in the new 9292 app without needing an account.

Your question is not in the list?

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