9292 Dienstregeling API

Information about public transport services in the Netherlands

Want to know which services a public transport operator offers? Or which lines are serviced on a particular day? Or where and when a particular service stops and which route it will follow? Or whether there have been recent changes that may affect the arrival or departure times at stops? Or what the current position is of the vehicle that performs the service? The answers to these questions can be delivered by the Dienstregeling API for every public transport operator in the Netherlands. Not only for the current day, but for any date that is available in the published schedules of public transport operators. For the current day and near future, the data of planned services is enhanced with the actual times, expected delays and any other deviations as updates from operators are processed during the day.

How to use the Dienstregeling API?

A typical use case is e.g. when a travel advice or departure information displays data of a public service and the user would require more details about the service. The Dienstregeling API can provide detailed information e.g. what other stops are scheduled for this service, what route the vehicle is following and what its current position is. This can be used to display or monitor the progress of a service while traveling or while waiting to embark. The data includes any messages from the operator, both scheduled and unscheduled, e.g. when disruption in the service occur and the service is diverted.

Information about scheduled services can be requests at several levels:

  • For a specific public transport operator.
    This yields a collection of services with their identifications, transport types and directions that are offered by the operator at any day.
  • For one or more specific lines of an operator.
    This yields detailed line-information with per line: all possible routes, stops and dates when they are serviced.
  • For a specific service or all services for a line on a particular day.
    This yields per service detailed data about the stops, arrival and departure data, the planned route and (when the service has started) the current position of the vehicle (when available).

The information of these levels can be linked together, so it is possible e.g. to request the complete and detailed scheduled services of an operator for a particular day.

More information

The following link provides more detailed information about the use and possibilities of the Dienstregeling API.

In addition to this, Swagger documentation can be found about the more technical specification of the API. This can be found at
N.B. the request for scheduled services per concession as it is listed in the Swagger documentation, is not currently implemented (yet).

Any remaining questions?

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