Bicycles in public transport

Travel the country with your bicycle

The Netherlands is a real bicycle country. Every year, the Dutch brave the wind and rain to cycle around 878 kilometres per person. People cycle more in spring and summer than in autumn and winter, and there are also differences during the week. On weekdays, 5 million people go on 14 million bicycle trips, while Saturdays see 11.5 million bicycle trips and Sundays 6.5 million.

Image: Gerda van Piggelen

When can you bring your bicycle along in public transport?

Not all public transport operators have the same rules for bringing bicycles. 9292 has made an overview of the rules of various operators, which is very useful if you want to go on holiday or a day trip!


Bring your bicycle in trains of


Bring your bicycle in metros of

Buses and trams

Buses and trams generally do not allow bicycles. Folding bikes usually are an exception, so they are allowed as long as they are folded.