Travel advice through your own website

Point your visitors in the right direction

You can provide your visitors with the right public transport information in a variety of ways. We have the right solution for you regardless of whether it is public transport information to a location or an event. We will gladly outline what our options are using the 9292 Button and 9292 Widget.

9292 Button (free)

Using the free 9292 Button, you can allow your visitors to plan a journey to an address or location that you have determined in advance. The visitor only needs to enter their own address to obtain the travel information. In the manual, you can see how to install the 9292 Button on your own site.

9292 Widget (free)

With the free 9292 Widget, you can make your own public transport travel planner visible on your website. There are three possible variants. You can insert your own location as the departure location, arrival location, or leave the departure and arrival location empty. The public transport travel advice will consequently appear on the 9292 website. This advice is based on the information of all public transport companies in the Netherlands. Try it out in the 9292 Widget below.

Below is an example using Dierenpark Amersfoort as the arrival destination.

Plan mijn reis

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