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OV Prijswijzer

Season ticket advice for you

It is no small task to find a suitable public transport subscriptions, especially when you travel with many different transport companies. To help you on your way, we have created the 'OV Prijswijzer'. This tool offers advice for the most advantageous subscription for the public transport using a set of questions.

What does a subscription cost?

The price of your subscription depends on your travel advice. There may be different ways to reach your destination for different prices. In addition, many public transport companies use different timetables during the holidays.

First select the most suitable route

The 'OV Prijswijzer' follows the route and method of travel you select. Travel advice may change depending on construction work or delay, so make sure to choose a non-holiday date after tomorrow.

How does the 'OV Prijswijzer' work?

You can find the 'OV Prijswijzer' at the bottom of the travel advice of our travel planner. At the price calculation area, you will have the option to select ‘Show subscription information'. When you select this option, the 'OV Prijswijzer' will calculate the most advantageous travel product for your trip. We assume that your return trip will be the same. The calculation depends on your age and on the number of times you travel per week or month.

Check which subscriptions and discount products the 'OV Prijswijzer' uses here.

Voorbeeld advies OV Prijswijzer

How does the 'OV Prijswijzer' reach its conclusions?

When using the 'OV Prijswijzer', we follow the requested travel advice. Based on your age and how often you take the trip, the 'OV Prijswijzer' gives you custom advice, showing both monthly and annual subscriptions. We also show you the price of the trip when using normal Dutch public transport chip card payment (OV-Chipkaart). We assume your return trip is the same as your first trip.

We strive to include all plans in our calculations. We would love to hear it if the 'OV Prijswijzer' is missing certain plans.

The 'OV Prijswijzer' in development

We are always looking for ways to expand the 'OV Prijswijzer'. Our current planning includes the following:

  • We are working to incorporate the combination of the 'Traject Vrij' and 'Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij' (NS). If you’re travelling between Schiphol and Rotterdam with the Intercity direct and the 'OV Prijswijzer' recommends 'Traject Vrij', you should also purchase the 'Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij'.
  • Travel first class. The 'OV Prijswijzer' currently gives prices for second class train journeys only. 
  • Currently we only give subscription that are always valid. Later versions of the 'OV Prijswijzer' will also include off-peak hour only subscriptions.
  • We also aim to offer assistance with the right choice of single tickets.

Personal advice?

If you are still struggling to find your way and you want personal help, you can contact us via our call centre. Our travel consultants have been trained to quickly find the relevant information. They can be reached from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (on weekends from 7 a.m.) on +31 900 9292 (€ 0.90 p/m, max. € 18). We do not offer personal travel or price assistance on our social media channels.