Disclaimer & privacy

Disclaimer & privacy

Privacy Statement & Terms of Use 9292 | REISinformatiegroep


9292 | REISinformatiegroep B.V. (hereinafter referred to as "9292") aims to provide high quality services, where reliability and timeliness are important factors. 9292 makes information about the services offered by 9292, including a public transport travel planner, available through its websites and mobile applications, including www.9292.nl ("Website"). The use of this Website and mobile applications is subject to a number of terms and conditions of use, which will be explained below. In addition, 9292 wishes to be completely transparent in the way in which it, as Data Controller, handles the processing of personal data made available to it. This will also be explained in more detail here, with the proviso that 9292 will comply with the applicable privacy rules, such as the General Data Protection Ordinance (AVG) and the Telecommunications Act (Tw). In addition to these terms and conditions, specific terms and conditions may apply, including the terms and conditions of third parties that relate to (other) services that are provided (whether or not via the Website).

Below is an overview of all the topics covered in this privacy statement. By clicking on one of the items in this overview, you will be taken directly to the relevant subject.

Name and contact details of Controller

9292 | REISinformatiegroep B.V.
Postal box 19319
3501 DH Utrecht
KvK 30104171


9292 operates a platform that offers and/or makes available to visitors (online) travel information, travel advice and tickets regarding (public) transport and entrance tickets, via various channels, including but not limited to Websites, the information number (0900-9292) and mobile applications. Legal entities have the possibility to request travel information from one and the same IP address by means of a subscription. Legal entities can contact 9292 for more information.

Collection and processing

9292 processes data in the context of its services, and in certain cases also personal data, including the IP addresses of visitors to the Websites and location and device data of users of its mobile applications.

In the present state of the art, the provision of travel information takes place mainly via the Website and mobile applications, with the possible use of location data. The Website and mobile applications may use the location data to determine nearby departure points and to plan the journey from the current location. The location can also be used to display location-based information and advertisements. The use of location data can be turned off at any time in the settings menu.

Are you younger than 16 years old? Then you may only provide personal data to 9292 if your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have read this privacy statement and have given permission for you to accept them. Taking into account the available technology, we make a reasonable effort to check whether your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have actually given permission.

The Website and mobile applications use a consent management platform (CMP). This CMP allows users to choose which (personal) data 9292 may process for which purposes. This may include (personal) data such as cookies on the website for personalized advertisements and the storage of device data for, for example, the My Locations and My Travels functionalities, in order to facilitate the retrieval of travel information for the individual user.

9292 will not process more personal data than necessary in the context of its provision of services and/or for the purposes described below, unless prior permission has been obtained from the data subject whose personal data are involved. In addition, the personal data will not be kept in a form that makes it possible to identify the data subject for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which these data are processed.


9292 processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • 9292 processes personal data for the following purposes:
  • making travel information available;
  • providing functionalities to simplify and speed up the provision of travel advice;
  • purchase and providing transport tickets and entrance tickets;
  • preventing (commercial) misuse of travel information;
  • for the optimisation of the Websites and services of 9292;
  • to create an account for users of the website and/or application of 9292;
  • for personal contact with the person concerned, e.g. for questions and complaints; and
  • for displaying personalized ads.


The processing of personal data by 9292 is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of 9292. The processing of location data and its transfer to advertisers is an essential part of 9292's business model. The processing of e-mail addresses, name and birthdate (optional) for the creation of accounts for different services or for providing transport tickets and entrance tickets enables 9292 to tailor its services to the individual visitor or user, to ensure the public use of public transport data and to enable the commercial use of the given travel information, essential for the business model of 9292.


9292 has a Cookie Statement. For more click information at the bottom of the page on 'Cookie policy'.

Website security and mobile applications

9292 makes the Website and mobile applications available to visitors with the greatest possible care and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data.

Third parties

9292 uses third party services, namely: Google, Infoplaza and Ubifish for the use of its Website and mobile applications and provides location information, IP addresses, cookies and advertising IDs. 9292 refers to the individual privacy statements for their privacy policies.

For purchasing and providing transport tickets, 9292 provides personal data to the organization Tranzer B.V. and the concerning transport operator. You will be asked for permission when you purchase a ticket for the first time. 9292 refers to the Tranzer privacy statement for their privacy policy.

For purchasing and providing of admission tickets, 9292 provides personal data to the relevant provider. You will be asked forpermission when you purchase the admission ticket.9292 refers you to the privacy statement of the relevant provider for their privacy policy

Users of the iPhone app 9292 The Game can log in Gamecenter, a product of Apple. This 9292 The Game - Gamecenter privacy policy sets out how 9292 The Game uses and protects any high-scores data that you give when you using this app.

For the transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"), for example to an international organisation, 9292 applies appropriate safeguards. Google has adopted the U.S. Privacy Shield principles regarding the processing of personal data and is registered as such with the U.S. Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield program.

The Website(s) of 9292 also contain(s) links to other websites of third parties. 9292 is not liable for hyperlinks or other references from the Website to websites of third parties, nor for the way in which those third parties deal with personal data. We advise you to consult the privacy policy of the relevant website for more information. A hyperlink or other reference does not imply that 9292 is affiliated with the organisation in question, nor that 9292 endorses the content of the website in question.

Rights of Data Subjects

If you wish to inspect, rectify or supplement, limit the processing, deletion or transfer of your personal data, or if you wish to object to the data processing, please contact us:

9292 | REISinformatiegroep B.V.
Postbus 19319
3501 DH Utrecht

9292 will respond within four weeks of receipt. In principle, 9292 does not charge any costs for this. In case of a proven unfounded or excessive request, or if there are a lot of requests made by a person concerned, 9292 will charge a reasonable administrative fee. 9292 may also decide to refuse the request in such cases. If you are of the opinion that 9292 is not acting in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, you can, as of 25 May 2018, submit a complaint about this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

Disclaimer for use of Website and mobile application

9292 does not warrant that the Website and mobile applications will be free of viruses, nor that this Website and mobile applications will be available at all times and will work flawlessly. The effectiveness of the mobile application and the quality of the travel advice also depend on the software used by your mobile phone and the presence of (sufficient) GPS satellites. Visitors cannot derive any rights from the travel advice and rates mentioned on the Website and mobile applications. The visitor is not permitted to change, copy, damage, overload, obstruct, disable or interfere with the use and functioning of the Website and mobile applications. Commercial use of (travel) data, originating from and/or shown on the Website and mobile applications, is not permitted, unless prior permission has been obtained from 9292.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights and/or copyrights, in respect of the Website and mobile applications and the content placed on it, such as texts, articles, images, photographs, names, logos and icons, are vested exclusively in 9292 and/or its licensors. If you wish to make further use of these intellectual property rights, please contact 9292 for a licence. 9292 and/or its licensors expressly reserve all rights.


9292 reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use where necessary to ensure compliance with applicable and applicable laws. You will be notified through the Website. If you do not agree with the changes, you should no longer use the Website and/or mobile applications.

Utrecht, January 2023