9292 Locaties API

Additional information for rental vehicles

Planning by bike or scooter is standard available in the 9292 Reisadvies API. By making use of this, you give the traveler appropriate public transport travel advice with his own bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter to a train, bus, metro, tram or ferrytransfer point.

The 9292 Reisadvies API also supports the use of rental bikes and rental scooters. To display information about this to travelers, the 9292 Locaties API is required.

9292 Locaties API as an addition to the 9292 Travel Advice API

Public transport travel advice is given via the 9292 API with a walk-leg to a suitable rental location. By linking the Locaties API to this, more information becomes available. This API offers, among other things, information about rental locations per arrival or departure location and the details of a rental location (including the number of available vehicles and opening hours).

Information about the current amount of available bikes is available in real time in the 9292 Locaties API.

Manual 9292 Locaties API

In a short guide you can read how you can use the interface of the 9292 Locaties API to supplement the journey planner with rental locations on your website or other application. This is in addition to the online swagger documentation of this API which can be found at, where requests can also be tried out (if you have a 9292 Reisadvies API token).

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