Pets in public transport

Dog on your lap, cat in the basket?

What are the rules on this? Does it cost anything extra to bring your pet with you in public transport? In general, all public transport operators follow the same rules. We have outlined the information for you below.

Pets with NS

Pets cannot occupy a seat. Small pets are free to bring along, but only if they

  • are in a carried bag or a cage;
  • are small and held on your lap.

Assistance dogs

An assistance dog that can be recognised as such (either in training or in service) can also travel for free, but only with a harness, cover or brace containing a logo of an assistance dog organisation. In that case, you do not need a Day ticket dog.

Day ticket dog 

If pets do not meet these conditions, they require a ticket: the Day ticket dog. This ticket costs € 3.30 and can be purchased from NS Service Desks, NS service points and NS ticket machines.

Pets in city transport

In city transport areas where you can use a star plan, you can bring your dog on a star plan as well.

Pets in the international trains

In many cases, you may bring your pet with you on the train. However, different rules apply per train company. Check the site of NS International if you can with your pet.

Hond wacht op de trein

City and regional transport

Small dogs and other small pets “packed” in a bag or sitting on your lap, or on a short lead, can travel for free.

Guide dog or assistance dogs

Guide dogs (either in training or in service) accompanying visually impaired travellers always travel for free. Assistance dogs (either in training or in service) that can be recognised as such also travel for free. The travellers themselves should still have a valid travel document.

Dogs on board


Dogs travelling on the Waterbus or Aqualiner can travel for free, but only if they are on a short lead. 

Rederij Doeksen (to Terschelling and Vlieland, return trips)

Both on ferries and express boats your dog can travel for free.

Teso (to Texel, return trips)

You can bring your pet on Teso trips for free. During the trip, your pet should be on a lead. You can also leave your pet in your car during the trip, but only if the pet cannot leave the car on its own to disturb other people.

Wagenborg (to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, return trips)

You also need to buy a ticket for your dog. Please remember to always keep your dog on the leash on our premises and on board the ferries. Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats or block the walkways.

Please note. You can only buy a dog’s ticket in combination with an adult ticket online.