In the city

In the city

Travel through the Netherlands

From the airport

Do you enter the Netherlands by plane? On the page "From the Airport" we have compiled a list of public transport possiblities from all Dutch Airports.

Discover the Netherlands

Do you want to discover the Netherlands? That can be done easily, by using the train, bus, metro or tram. Most bus stations can be found right next to the train station or near the city centre.


Public transport in and around Amsterdam is well aligned. Arriving at the beautiful Amsterdam Central station, it’s easy to continue your trip by bus, tram, metro or ferry.


Apart from trams, busses and metros, Rotterdam has a unique public transport system to discover the city. Travelling on water is of course indispensable in the biggest harbour of the Netherlands.

Den Haag

Apart from the many monuments, Den Haag is the city where you can see the Netherlands in miniature. Make your life comfortable and use the public transport to watch the city and its surroundings leisurely.


The extensive network of city busses makes sure that the neighbourhoods and the city centre are easy to reach.


In the south of the Netherlands you’ll find the beautiful city of Maastricht. A Burgundian city brimming with history, art and culture.