Floriade Expo 2022

Floriade from 14 April - 9 October 2022

Latest update: Friday 15 April 2022 13:35

Floriade is open from 14 April 2022. For six months you will discover solutions from national and international innovators that make our cities more fun, more beautiful and more sustainable. To stay entirely in the theme of 'Growin Green Cities', you will of course travel there by public transport. The Floriade site is easy to reach by public transport. In which ways? We would like to tell you that in this message.

Buy your ticket for (almost all) public transport directly in the app. If you don't have the 9292 app yet, download it via this link or search for '9292' in the app store on your phone.

Accessibility World Horticultural Exhibition Floriade

From 14 April to 9 October, 2022, Almere will be the stage for the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022. Floriade only takes place once every 10 years, so don't miss it!

Plan your journey and buy your tickets

You travel to Floriade via Almere Centrum or Amsterdam. These stations are easy to reach by public transport from all over the country. Plan your trip in advance in our travel planner on the website or in the app. Buy your ticket for (almost all) public transport directly in the app.

If you don't have the 9292 app yet, download it via this link or search for '9292' in the app store on your phone.

How do I purchase e-tickets in the 9292 app?

Plan your trip as usual in the 9292 app. The best travel options will immediately be displayed on your screen. Compare travel options, select the best one and purchase your e-ticket instantly by clicking "Purchase e-tickets" below the travel advice in your app. In the next screens, select the number of people and the section of your route that you need a ticket for.

After filling in the details for yourself and any fellow travellers, you can proceed to payment.

Payment and travel

Payment in the app can be made through iDEAL or with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard of American Express). Once you've paid for your e-ticket(s), they will immediately appear in the app and you can commence your journey. Your e-tickets can be found under "My e-tickets" in the menu of your 9292 app. 

Please note! The tickets can be used only on the phone on which they were purchased. They cannot be forwarded to another person.

How to travel by public transport to Floriade

From Almere Centrum you have 3 options to reach the entrance of the park:

  • By boat
  • Shuttle bus
  • Bus line M1 - to bus station 't Oor from there it is a 15 minute walk to the entrance
  • By bike (OV-fiets) - Plan your journey in our app and choose the (rental) bike at the end of your trip to see the route and the current availability of the 'OV-fiets'.

From Amsterdam Amstel you travel by bus (Keolis R-Net line 327) to busstation 't Oor. From this stop you can walk to the main entrance within 15 minutes.

Plan your journey in advance to see which route is most convenient for you.

Floriade - entrance ticket

If you have bought the ticket for public transport, arrange your admission to Floriade right away. Tickets are available online on the Floriade website. This way you can immediately enjoy all the activities the park has to offer.

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