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Your locations are now in our map!

Latest update: Thursday 31 October 2019 10:43

Have you discovered it yet? The new map in the My 9292 environment. On this map you can see not only the locations you have stored and the stops around them, but also where you currently are and which stops can be found in the area.

New map in My 9292

Within 'My 9292' you can store frequently used and favourite locations. With this you can plan trips from or to these locations easily and quickly. If you are logged in, you will now also see these locations on the map at the top of your screen.

An example of your own location on the map

After clicking on your location on the map a pop-up will appear, offering 3 options:

  • Use this location as 'from': this sets the location as the departure point in the travel planner 
  • Use this location as 'to': this sets the location as the end point in the trip planner 
  • Departure times: If your location is a stop then you go directly to the current departure times page of this stop

Locations and stops around your current location

When you log in to 'My 9292' you will immediately see on the map where you are at that moment. If you have not given permission to share your 'current location', the map will indicate the middle of the Netherlands in the vicinity of 'Putten'. All stops and POIs (Point of Interests) that we have in our planner are shown on the map.

When you move the map a little, new stops and POIs appear. You can also click on these new points, so that a pop-up will appear with the options to use the location as departure or end point in the planner. At stops you also have the option 'Departure times' to view the current departure times page.

Convenient planning function

Because you can use the locations on the map to determine the correct departure and / or end point, you can easily fill in the planning block that folds out and collapses on the right side of the screen. Also during the search for a next location you can collapse the planning block, the system will remember the location that you have already placed.

Other function buttons

With the button at the top left of the map you can enlarge the map on your screen ('Enlarge map') or make it smaller again ('Reduce map'). By clicking the 'Current location' button you will return to your current location on the map.

Do you not have a My 9292 account yet?

Are you not yet familiar with My 9292? Through this page you can read more about it and create an account.

No map is displayed?

Then it may be that the underlying coordinates of a location stored by you are slightly modified. In this case you can delete this location and re-create the location. It also may be the case that you have used punctuation marks on your location's "own name". This is a known bug known to us. But if you remove the punctuation marks, the map will appear at the top of your page.


The new map is just the beginning. We continue to develop the map and the My 9292 environment. We are therefore curious about your opinion of this new addition. Give us your feedback via Facebook Messenger or via Twitter with # my9292.

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