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Latest update: Monday 20 January 2020 16:00

Are you coming to Holland and would you like to explore multiple destinations? The Holland Travel Ticket comes highly recommended. It grants unlimited access to all public transport, including train, tram, bus and metro, in Holland for an entire day. Discover the best of the Netherlands in a day with the Holland Travel Ticket. Simply choose between peak and off-peak travel, and the only other decision you have to make is your destination.

One ticket for all public transport

Good to know

With the Holland Travel Ticket you can travel 1 day in train, bus, tram, metro and ferries throughout the Netherlands. When you buy an off-peak Holland Travel Ticket for € 42you can travel with it from Monday to Friday before 06:30 and from 09:00 onwards. Valid all day at weekends. Or when you choose a Holland Travel Ticket, you travel for € 62 in the train, bus, tram, metro and ferries any day of the week.

It is not valid on Thalys and can only be used on the Intercity direct and ICE if you purchase a supplement.

How to buy

On the day you plan to travel, you can buy the Holland Travel Ticket at the NS Ticket & Service desk at most train stations or the NS ticket machines.

How to travel

The ticket is a single-use smart ticket (called an OV-chipkaart). Use it to check in at the start of your journey, and to check out at the end of every trip.

Checking in and out

When starting your journey, use the ticket to check in at the gates in the station. Please note that your ticket will be valid only after you check in. When you get off at your destination, use the ticket to check out at the gates and leave the (train) station or metro gate. You must also check in and out when you travel by tram or bus. You will find readers at the entrances and exits of all trams and buses. You need to check in and out with each operator (trains, buses, tram and metro) and when changing operators or between buses, trams or metro.

Plan your journey

Use your Holland Travel Ticket to see the Highlights of the Netherlands. Visit the most beautiful Van Gogh locations in Holland or visit The Dutch ‘Hanzesteden’ (Hanseatic Towns). You can also choose to visit the Dutch Classics and Traditions like Leiden, the Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Madurodam or the Delta project.

Plan your journey  

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