Discover the Netherlands

From the airport

Latest update: Wednesday 1 June 2022 11:54

Whether you are flying to the Netherlands for holiday or business, there are many ways to continue your travels from the airport. 

From the airport

Do you enter the Netherlands by plane? On the page "From the Airport" we have compiled a list of public transport possiblities from all Dutch Airports.

Discover the Netherlands

Do you want to discover the Netherlands? That can be done easily, by using the train, bus, metro or tram. Most bus stations can be found right next to the train station or near the city centre. On the page "In the city" you will find information about the public transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag (The Hague), Utrecht & Maastricht

How do I purchase e-tickets in the 9292 app?

Plan your trip as usual in the 9292 app. The best travel options will immediately be displayed on your screen. Compare travel options, select the best one and purchase your e-ticket instantly by clicking "Purchase e-tickets" below the travel advice in your app. In the next screens, select the number of people and the section of your route that you need a ticket for.

After filling in the details for yourself and any fellow travellers, you can proceed to payment.


You can also pay for your journey by OV-chipkaart. We advice tourists to use an anonymous OV-chipkaart, which can be purchased for € 7.50 from any station, from any kiosk at a station, and from many supermarkets. You can then use the card immediately.

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