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Do you travel regularly and at fixed times by train?

It is often cheaper to travel for a fixed amount per month or with reduction. There are several possibilities. We show the prices of 2017.

Traject Vrij

Monthly route pas to travel on a predetermined route by train for a month.  
Traject Vrij
Annual route pas to travel on a predetermined route by train for a year  
Weekend Vrij free travelling at the weekends (2nd class) € 32 per month
Dal Vrij free travelling in off-peak hours and weekends (2nd class) € 99 per month
Dal Voordeel 40% discount during off-peak hours and weekends    € 50 per year
Altijd Voordeel   standard 40% discount, during the week € 25 per month
Kids Vrij (grand)children always travel for free with a personal OV-chipkaart  free
Altijd Vrij annual free travelling 2nd class € 333 per month
Altijd Vrij monthly free travelling 2nd class € 410 per month
OV Voordeel in combination with Altijd Voordeel 20% reduction in bus, tram or metro € 11 per month
OV Vrij free travelling in bus, tram, metro and train check the information


If you are in the possession of a season ticket, you can buy for free or with discount a Bijabonnement for your partner or your child over 12 years old.

Regional train subscriptions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is studentenreisproduct?

Studentenreisproduct (Student travel product)

As long as you are eligible for a student grant, ('studiefinanciering' in Dutch) and do not receive any compensation for your OV, you are allowed to use your studentenreisproduct (either on working days or at the weekend) to travel with public transport in The Netherlands for free or with a discount.

Valid for all national trains (2nd class), except Thalys. Some trains are subject to an additional fee.

Valid for all buses, trams, metros and public transport by boat that use the Nationale Vervoersbewijzen. Certain buses require an extra fee.

Go to the website of Studentenreisproduct for more information.

Which subscription do I need?

To help you choosing a season ticket we have a special tool:

  • request a travel advice on
  • click on 'Show discounts and details' located under the travel advice
  • click on 'All possible prices? Click here'
  • select the third tab which concerns season tickets.
How to obtain a train ticket?

Before you board a train you need to be in possession of a valid ticket. If you are not yet traveling with an OV-chipkaart there are still various places you can obtain a train ticket.

Ticket machines

On every train station you can find at least one ticket machine. From these you can purchase a train ticket for all domestic train routes 24/7.

Service desk

At the larger train stations you can get a personal service at the service desk. You can purchase tickets as well as subscriptions here, excluding the Jaartrajectkaart, the OV-jaarkaart and several subscription types. For the personal sales of train tickets you pay a surcharge of € 0,50 per ticket.

You are not able to purchase tickets onboard the train.


The subscriptions can be purchased from the NS webshop. The Altijd Voordeel (Permanent Discount) and Altijd Vrij (Always Free) subscriptions are also available in the NS ticket machines, provided you own a personal OV-chipkaart valid longer than one month.


NS also offers train tickets on the internet. The ticket types: one way, return on the day, Kids ticket, daypass and SamenUitkorting (together traveling discount).

Fyra tickets

Tickets for Fyra, the quickest connections between Rotterdam and Amsterdam through Schiphol, can be purchased on the website of NS Hispeed

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