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Top 10 beach destinations

Latest update: Tuesday 10 August 2021 15:32

With the endless possibilities for which you can buy public transport e-tickets in the app and a beautiful summer ahead, you might need some inspiration. We have listed 10 beaches for you that are easily accessible by public transport. You will find beautiful beaches along the entire Dutch coastline of the Netherlands. Great to visit on vacation. But also perfect for a day trip.

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Top 10 beaches

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1. Scheveningen

A kilometre-long beach in your backyard, that is what Scheveningen is for The Hague. A lovely place all year long. Go for the evening: sunset, with the pier in the background. Magnificent!

2. Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk is a coastal town with character. Centrally located and easily accessible. It is a good place to relax in the extensive dunes and on the cleanest beach in South Holland!

3. Noordwijk aan Zee

Noordwijk beach is melancholy and romantic every season. Enjoy the endless beach, the children playing in 'the little sea' (kimmetje, as the people of Noordwijk say) and stay until the sun sinks into the sea.

4. Callantsoog

Callantsoog may have the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands. The beach of the coastal town is clean, wide and kilometres long. Perfect for long romantic beach walks or enjoying a day together when the weather is nice!

5. Zandvoort

With a direct train connection from Amsterdam you can be on the beach within half an hour from the capital. So, when the sun is shining, your way to this popular beach is quickly found! It is not for no reason that this beach has something for everyone!

6. Bergen aan Zee

The beach of Bergen aan Zee is well-known far beyond the Netherlands. A long, blond strip of coast behind the wide row of dunes, with a panoramic view over the North Sea. Kilometres of space for fun on the beach and in the summer sun!

7. Hoek van Holland

Hoek van Holland beach is 250 meters wide and 3.5 km long. There are beautiful cycling and walking paths in the dunes. Several tents on the beach for a snack and drink and great for fun events.

8. Renesse

Renesse, probably one of the most popular beaches of our eastern neighbours. And with good reason. Zeeland's beaches are phenomenal! In the summer months you can travel to and from the various beaches in the area for free with the BeachHub buses.

9. Cadzand

Cadzand is the southernmost seaside resort in the Netherlands. Enjoy the beautiful beach, walk through the beautiful Zwin nature reserve and enjoy the salty flavours of Zeeland cuisine!

10. Almere

The odd man out? Not at all! The Almeerderstrand is a perfect place for a refreshing dip and the shallow water makes it perfect for children. Pick a spot on the beach or in the shade under the trees.

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