Last updates strikes and cancellation public transport

At the moment no strikes announced.

Latest update: Thursday 17 November 2022 06:20

At the moment there are no strikes in regional public transport annouced.

The 9292 planner will give you actual & real time journey advise with all public transport. For the most current situation, keep an eye on the messages in the 9292 travel planner.

Strikes regional public transport

There are no strikes announced at the moment. During the strikes in the public transport the 9292 planner will show you an alternative journey advise if possible on the day of the strike. 

Actual overview strikes (in Dutch)


Fewer transport on a number of routes due to shortage of staff

Due to a shortage of staff, fewer transport will be running on a number of routes. Please, plan your trip in the journey planner. The 9292 planner will show you the cancellation of rides due to shortage of personnel and will give you if possible an alternative advise.


Download the 9292 app

We advise you to download the 9292 app when you are going to travel. You can download it via on your mobile phone.