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Reisopties: Departure 23:12, Arrival 00:15, 0 changes, total time 1:03 Selected journey:: Departure 23:42, Arrival 00:45, 0 changes, total time 1:03 Departure 00:12, Arrival 01:15, 0 changes, total time 1:03 Departure 05:32, Arrival 06:48, 0 changes, total time 1:16

Journey advice: Station Aachen Hbf to Station Maastricht

Departure Sunday 4 December 2016 at 23:42

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    Bus 50 (direction Maastricht)

    Carrier: Veolia
    Intermediatestop: 23:47 Bus stop Theater, Aachen, Germany
    Intermediatestop: 00:01 Bus stop Busstation, Vaals
    Intermediatestop: 00:02 Bus stop Sint Jozefkerk, Vaals
    Intermediatestop: 00:03 Bus stop Heuvel, Vaals
    Intermediatestop: 00:04 Bus stop Lemierserberg, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:05 Bus stop Lemiers, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:06 Bus stop A je Striekiezer, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:07 Bus stop Piethaan, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:08 Bus stop Mamelis, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:08 Bus stop Benedictusberg, Lemiers
    Intermediatestop: 00:10 Bus stop Nijswiller, Wittem
    Intermediatestop: 00:11 Bus stop Wahlwiller, Wittem
    Intermediatestop: 00:13 Bus stop Sinselbeek, Wittem
    Intermediatestop: 00:15 Bus stop Oude Geul, Gulpen
    Intermediatestop: 00:18 Bus stop Busstation, Gulpen
    Intermediatestop: 00:19 Bus stop Rijksweg, Gulpen
    Intermediatestop: 00:20 Bus stop De Del, Gulpen
    Intermediatestop: 00:22 Bus stop Ingber, Ingber
    Intermediatestop: 00:25 Bus stop Veiling, Margraten
    Intermediatestop: 00:25 Bus stop Rijksweg 27, Margraten
    Intermediatestop: 00:27 Bus stop Militair Kerkhof, Margraten
    Intermediatestop: 00:28 Bus stop Honthem, Gronsveld
    Intermediatestop: 00:29 Bus stop Blankenberg, Cadier en Keer
    Intermediatestop: 00:30 Bus stop Kerkstraat, Cadier en Keer
    Intermediatestop: 00:30 Bus stop Vendelstraat, Cadier en Keer
    Intermediatestop: 00:32 Bus stop Kloosterpad, Cadier en Keer
    Intermediatestop: 00:35 Bus stop Akersteenweg, Maastricht
    Intermediatestop: 00:39 Bus stop Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
    Intermediatestop: 00:41 Bus stop Sphinxlunet, Maastricht
    Intermediatestop: 00:42 Bus stop Wilhelminasingel, Maastricht
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