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Reisopties: Departure 23:42, Arrival 00:44, 0 changes, total time 1:02 Selected journey:: Departure 00:02, Arrival 01:12, 1 changes, total time 1:10 Departure 00:12, Arrival 01:14, 0 changes, total time 1:02

Journey advice: Station Aachen Hbf to Station Maastricht

Departure Monday 30 November 2015 at 0:02

  1. Step 1

    Stoptrein (direction Heerlen)

    Carrier: DB
    Intermediatestop: 00:05 Station Aachen Schanz
    Intermediatestop: 00:08 Station Aachen West
    Intermediatestop: 00:14 Station Kohlscheid
    Intermediatestop: 00:20 Station Herzogenrath
    Intermediatestop: 00:24 Station Eygelshoven markt
    Intermediatestop: 00:27 Station Landgraaf
    Intermediatestop: 00:31 Station Heerlen De Kissel
    Arrival: 00:34 Station Heerlen Platform 2

    Attention! Fietsvervoer mogelijk

  2. Step 2

    Stoptrein (direction Maastricht)

    Carrier: Veolia
    Departure: 00:44 Station Heerlen Platform 4
    Intermediatestop: 00:47 Station Heerlen Woonboulevard
    Intermediatestop: 00:49 Station Voerendaal
    Intermediatestop: 00:52 Station Klimmen-Ransdaal
    Intermediatestop: 00:56 Station Schin op Geul
    Intermediatestop: 00:59 Station Valkenburg
    Intermediatestop: 01:02 Station Houthem-St Gerlach
    Intermediatestop: 01:05 Station Meerssen
    Intermediatestop: 01:08 Station Maastricht Noord

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