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‘My 9292’ only available through our website

Latest update: Wednesday 29 January 2020 08:45

Did you notice and discover it yet? Our new app is almost live! With our new app also come a few changes. If you happen to be used to plan your journeys beforehand at ‘My 9292’, then please read this. The new 9292 app has no link to the current ‘My 9292’ function of the website anymore. You can now add your own locations, routes and travel advices to the new 9292 app without needing an account. This way your personal travel advice will be ready faster. Read on to see what exactly these changes mean for you.

New 9292 app with personal home screen

Adding frequently used locations and routes has been made available to everyone in the new 9292 app without the need for an account. If you used to make use of an account at My 9292 to plan your journeys, you will have to take a minute to set things up again in the new app. Unfortunately, we cannot copy this information for you.


How does the plus sign work in the new app?

  • You can tap the plus sign on the home screen to add frequently used locations just like you’re used to. You will see these on your home screen for quicker planning to these locations.
  • A new function is adding frequently used routes. These routes are also shown on your home screen, along with 0, 4 or 6 travel options. Now you can see at a glance what the current travel advice is for that route.
  • Would you like to save a specific travel advice? Use the plus sign in the top right corner of the advice. You can find your saved travel advice using the menu in the app.
  • We also show you your recently planned journeys on your home screen. Very useful for quickly planning a route again.

If these functions are completely new to you or if you’re curious about how it all works, then please see the explanation below.

Have a look at how the app will work on YouTube

How to plan a journey (Dutch)  

How to add locations/routes (Dutch)  

How to plan a journey start/end by bike (Dutch)  

But what happened to ‘My 9292’?

Don’t worry, the My 9292 environment will continue to exist for now on our website So if you want to plan your journey using our website and then view it on your way? You can still do that. Plan out your route beforehand at Then save it as usual and use on your phone during your trip to keep track of your journey.

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