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New 9292 app is ready for use

Latest update: Wednesday 5 February 2020 09:38

Our new 9292 app is ready to be used by all travellers using public transport. We have now finished the beta testing and have started releasing the app in phases. You could well be one of the first ones to have already received the update for the app and to use it. Don’t have it yet? Then keep an eye out for our news and the update in your Appstore! 

Go-live app

We understand that you’ve gotten curious and we are ready to let you experience the new app. The app is being released via the app stores in phases starting February 5. Android devices will receive the update first, the update will go live for iPhone after that. So it might be a while before you can download the update. Be sure to keep an eye out for our messages and the update in your Appstore!

Results beta test

Over the past months, we had our new app tested by more than 2000 travellers. We have received a lot of feedback; a lot of it positive, but there were also tips for improvement and all kinds of wishes. The result is that an improved app will be waiting for you.

What can you do with the new app?

Of course, you can use the new 9292 app to plan your journey by public transport just like you’re used to. But that’s not all: requests like tracking your route on a map and planning your route by bicycle to and from the transport service have already been added to this first version. You can also personalise your 9292 app by adding your frequently used locations and routes to your home screen. You no longer need an account to do this. 

Watch the How to video's on YouTube

How to plan a journey (Dutch)  

How to add locations/routes (Dutch)  

How to plan a journey start/end by bike (Dutch)  

No link to My 9292

In the new app, we made it possible for everyone to save your frequently used locations, routes and specific travel advisories. You no longer need a My 9292 account for this.

The My 9292 environment can only be used by visiting the website ( from the moment the new app goes live. You can always still access the website on your phone.

Do you have any questions?

Are you already using the app and do you have a question? Please check here first if your question is already answered. Can’t find an answer or would you like to let us know what you think of the app? We are happy to talk to you on Twitter, FB Messenger.

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