Walking route to Krooneendstraat 4

The specified locations are either within walking distance of each other or there is no public transportation available for this journey.

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Tramhalte Klaverveld - to Krooneendstraat 4

Use caution. This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Walking directions to Krooneendstraat 4

  1. Head southeast on Pijlkruidveld toward Kattestaartveld
  2. Turn left onto Klaverveld
  3. Turn right onto Arenapad
  4. Continue onto Arenastraat
  5. Turn right onto Sportpad
  6. Slight right at Veenweg
  7. Slight right onto Krooneendstraat
  8. Turn right to stay on Krooneendstraat
    Destination will be on the right