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At home & on the go

Sometimes you plan a public transport journey in advance and sometimes while you’re on the move. With a My 9292 profile you can do both. Moreover, you can use your home planned journeys on your journey and save them in your personal profile. In short: with My 9292 we give you suggestions based upon your locations and trips.

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This makes it clever

That much information, sometimes you can’t make sense of it. My 9292 knows exactly which travel tips are useful to you. And they show up when you need them.

Create your own locations

The house of your aunt, the local pub, the office: My 9292 is yours. So you decide which places show in your planner

Plan at home, use on the go

Use the trip you planned at home to see which bus to take and where you need to change..

Planning from door to door

Public transport often doesn’t take you to your exact destination. With handy walking routes in our travel advice and the possibility to follow your journey step by step, from door to door.

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Always your personalized travel advice at home and on the go? Create a My 9292 profile.

It will not make a difference anymore whether you use 9292 on your mobile phone, your personal computer or both. It’s always your trip, with your preferences.