Less transport available

Drop out rides possible

There can be strikes in city and regional transport in various places in the Netherlands.

Actions have been announced in urban and regional transport in the coming days. This mainly affects bus, tram and metro transport and not train transport. These are always strikes lasting 24 hours (a day) that move to other parts of the country.

It is currently difficult to estimate what the consequences will be for your trip. For the most current situation, keep an eye on the messages in the 9292 travel planner.

Overview of places where there are strikes

Every day in different places the work is laid down by some of the drivers. It is only known shortly in advance where the strike will take place. There will be a 24-hour strike per place, it concerns a relay strike.

Fewer transport on a number of routes 

Due to a shortage of staff, fewer transport will be running on a number of routes. Please, plan your trip in the journey planner.