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Reisopties: Departure 23:35, Arrival 01:35, 3 changes, total time 2:00 Selected journey:: Departure 00:53, Arrival 06:39, 3 changes, total time 5:46 Departure 05:13, Arrival 07:26, 3 changes, total time 2:13 Departure 05:35, Arrival 07:56, 2 changes, total time 2:21

Journey advice: Tram stop Kalvermarkt-Stadhuis, Den Haag to Station Den Helder

Departure Friday 28 November 2014 at 0:53

  1. Step 1

    Tram 29 (direction Vrederust)

    Carrier: HTM

    Attention! Vervallen halte(n) - vervallen halte(n) Er vervalt een aantal halten

  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

    Intercity (direction Utrecht Centraal)

    Carrier: NS
    Departure: 02:24 Station Den Haag HS Platform 6
    Intermediatestop: 02:38 Station Leiden Centraal
    Intermediatestop: 03:00 Station Schiphol
    Arrival: 03:14 Station Amsterdam Centraal Platform 14b
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5

    Nachtbus 14 (direction N Hoorn via Volendam)

    Carrier: EBS
    Intermediatestop: 03:45 Bus stop Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam
    Intermediatestop: 03:53 Bus stop Splitsing, Watergang
    Intermediatestop: 03:54 Bus stop Kruisweg, Broek in Waterland
    Intermediatestop: 03:56 Bus stop Dorp, Broek in Waterland
    Intermediatestop: 03:59 Bus stop Bernhardbrug, Monnickendam
    Intermediatestop: 03:59 Bus stop Lagedijk, Katwoude
    Intermediatestop: 04:01 Bus stop De Zedde, Katwoude
    Intermediatestop: 04:02 Bus stop Hotel Volendam, Volendam
    Intermediatestop: 04:04 Bus stop Marinapark, Volendam
    Intermediatestop: 04:05 Bus stop Zeestraat / Centrum, Volendam
    Intermediatestop: 04:08 Bus stop Politiebureau, Volendam
    Intermediatestop: 04:09 Bus stop IJe, Edam
    Intermediatestop: 04:10 Bus stop De Meermin, Edam
    Intermediatestop: 04:12 Bus stop Busstation, Edam
    Intermediatestop: 04:12 Bus stop Technische School, Edam
    Intermediatestop: 04:14 Bus stop Riethoorneweg, Middelie
    Intermediatestop: 04:15 Bus stop Klemweg (N247), Middelie
    Intermediatestop: 04:17 Bus stop Verkavelingweg, Warder
    Intermediatestop: 04:19 Bus stop Dorp, Oosthuizen
    Intermediatestop: 04:21 Bus stop Beets (N247), Beets
    Intermediatestop: 04:22 Bus stop Oudendijk (N247), Oudendijk
    Intermediatestop: 04:24 Bus stop Rijksweg, Scharwoude
    Intermediatestop: 04:25 Bus stop Ooms, Scharwoude
    Intermediatestop: 04:26 Bus stop Gemaal Westerkogge, Scharwoude
    Intermediatestop: 04:29 Bus stop Poldermolen, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:29 Bus stop Verfmolen, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:30 Bus stop Korenmolen, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:32 Bus stop Houtzaagmolen, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:33 Bus stop Poolster, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:34 Bus stop Astronautenweg, Hoorn
    Intermediatestop: 04:35 Bus stop Zuiderkruisstraat, Hoorn
    Arrival: 04:37 Bus stop Station, Hoorn
  6. Step 6

    Bus 135 (direction Den Helder Station NS)

    Carrier: Connexxion

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Deze reis: 14.7kg CO2
Middenklasse auto 13.6kg CO2

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